Sunday, October 17, 2010

Devil In A Blue Dress

Joell Ortiz is one of my favorite MCs doing it right now. And this shit right here is one example of why. I know I posted J. Cole's verse over this Kanye track a little while ago as being something dope that should be recognized, and I still stand by that. But, this shit right here is on another level.

I think J. Cole has talent, yes, but Joell has so much range with his flow, and even with everything he's put out so far, it still feels like he's only scratching the surface of his depth and creativity as an MC. He made a great move aligning himself with Budden, Crooked, and Royce. But, I have a feeling his strongest and most lasting material is gonna come from his solo work.

Using one of Kanye's many self-leaked tracks, Joell explores the personal downfall of a drug dealer that decides to get high on his own supply.

Listen, and tell me what you think.

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