Monday, April 4, 2011

Mohammad Dangerfield

I hate the term Emo Rap. Is that what you call hip hop with a soul that's not hardcore? Is that the label for an artist that blends genres and describes their feelings in life's numerous, highly relateable daily situations? I don't know. But, I like the kind of hip hop I just described. Call it what you want.

Personally though, I've been screaming on the inside for some of that hardcore lately. I've just been tired of everything else. I wanna get that mid-90s feeling back. Not necessarily gutter, gangsta, or backback. But, just something with that something that screwed my face up while driving in the car while at the same time chuckling to myself at the punchlines. I was thinking it was lost. Then I put on Mohammad Dangerfield. The album these two have put together is definitely flying under the radar, but deserves any and all praise it receives from people this year that look for good music.

The same qualities that made artists like Method Man, Redman, The Beatnuts, and Heltah Skeltah so loved in Hip Hop circles is exactly what Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw bring to the table as Mohammad Dangerfield. Equal parts humor and hardcore presented with all-around dope lyricism. Refreshing. But, "MoDanger" actually adds an element of depth to their approach; this being their willingness (and ability) to know when to be serious and tackle subjects more personal, historical, and socio-political.

Do yourself a favor and pick up their self-titled album that came out in February. If you have a few dollars to spend on good music then come outta pocket for it as I plan to. Mohammad Dangerfield is going on my 'best of' list for this year, and I'm guessing it'll stay there by year's end. If you've heard it already, share your thoughts. If you haven't heard it (or haven't even heard of them at all before) there's a link to their site below. I'm about to check out the site for the first time myself.

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  1. Make sure it's spelled Mohammad Dangerfield, not Mohammed. :D

  2. All fixed! Thanks for the note.