Friday, February 10, 2012

2Pac After Death

For some reason, I pulled out 2Pac's Until The End of Time CD today. Shortly after, I remembered why I shouldn't do that. There's so many corny beats and hooks added on to those songs posthumously it's ridiculous.  It really amazes me what those involved put together, especially considering that for the most part they worked with Pac when he was alive (i.e. Johnny "J", QD3). Although, to be fair, those tracks probably weren't his best songs either.

I don't know how many of you heard the bootlegged versions of the actual songs that Pac recorded, which later became much of what you hear on these albums. My older brother ordered the 16-disc collection from some website shortly after Pac's passing...I'm so thankful. Many were unmixed, and the sound quality wasn't great. But, they were 10x better the way they were. The label should've mixed and mastered them and left it at that (especially not editing out Wendy Williams' name while keeping Jay's, Havoc's and P's - dumb shit). If, for some reason they couldn't do that legally, they should have done it anyway and released them for free. Because these posthumous "interpretations" are an embarrassment to his legacy. That is all.

Note: The pic above is a poster I had on my wall growing up. Well, from age 14 or so to 22.

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