Monday, April 9, 2012

Billy Joel's "My Life" Re-imagined By The Kickdrums/Machine Gun Kelly

If The Kickdrums aren't on your radar yet, they oughtta be. They're an indie rock group, I guess. Their sound blends with hip hop in a great way though, as the many collaborations with MCs on multiple albums will prove.

I like what the band did here in reworking Billy Joel's hit "My Life". It's interesting. And, while I'm not completely sold on Machine Gun Kelly yet, he holds his own here. Check out both versions below.

Also, if you're really interested you can catch a music video for Billy Joel's "My Life" below. You may notice that the song used at the beginning of the video ("Stiletto" by Joel) was sampled for Kool G. Rap's classic "Road to the Riches".

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