Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nero - Relive It

Back in February, I wrote a little something about this guy Nero that I came across and his mixtape album type thing, Alive & Vibrant where he rhymes over some classic 90's beats (an idea that unfortunately is starting to get a little old now, by the way, as several MCs have done the same thing - Luguz, Skillz, and a few others that I probably don't care about as much - On the other hand, what does it say to you that so many of today's MCs would rather rhyme over beats that are 10-15 years old).

Either way, I was impressed with the rhymes this guy spit on that album. I still don't know much about the guy except for the fact that he's a lot younger than I expected (still not legal, if I'm not mistaken) meaning he has a mature flow for his age, and a knowledge of hip hop that matters, which is a plus. Oh, and he's from NY - state? city? I don't know. Yesterday, I nabbed a copy of the re-release to the album called Alive & Vibrant: Relive The Moment . Mostly the same as far as I can tell w/out pulling out the original because I don't feel like it right now. A few new tracks though too. Mark my words this guy is someone to check for in the future...or actually right now. My previous criticisms still stand, since it's pretty much the same album. But, at least he's showing his ability to keep up and deliver with different styles. The real test now will come when he has a clean slate of fresh beats on his own album. We'll see what he does with that. I'm feeling good about his ability to craft a great album though. Relive The Moment was posted for free, so here's a link:


Go ahead and d/l this and have a good time. Then go and buy each of the albums these beats are from (if you don't already have 'em) and have an even better time.
UPDATE: I listened a little more closely to the title track - he was born in Queens, if that matters to anyone.

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