Friday, July 10, 2009

Rebel INS Vs. Mouse?? - Who Cares?

One thing is for sure, ANY member of the Wu will kick Joey's ass on the nickname tip...especially Method Man! Remember that skit on Tical 2 with Chris Rock introducing him? "AKA The Iron Lung...AKA The Ticallion Stallion AKA..." I haven't listened to that in years. Skits were occasionally good back then.

But, is it me or is this beef/battle shit really getting ridiculous? Everyone's so sensitive and wants to start some shit to get attention, or even worse, so that they can have something to talk about in their rhymes. Now this is the latest "beef" - Joe Budden versus a member of the Wu other than the one that was "dissed". Too bad for Inspektah Deck. I kinda feel bad for him in a way. He must be really hard up right now. In need of someone to say his name again. So, Joe Budden looks at some bullshit list constructed by the now defunct (thankfully) Vibe Magazine, gets his feelings hurt and makes some comment on video (because every shit he takes has to be on video apparently) about how Method Man is ranked higher than him for no good reason. Who cares?

Apparently, a few people do (or they're just bored and don't have much to talk about). Among the many comments from a multitude of interested parties Ed Lover is calling out Budden on the radio about how he fucked up pretending that Method Man is as good as he ever was and would rhyme circles around Budden (yeah, right). On the same video Budden said he never heard of The Furious Fives' Cowboy, by the way - a comment which I'm glad Ed Lover pointed out. Budden tried to play it off because he felt stupid about that one, obviously. But, Meth gets on the radio and talks some shit, but then backs out of any battle by saying simply that he is not a "battle rapper". So? Is Budden a battle rapper, really? No, I don't think so. He's just good enough to do that as well as anything else. The guy's a beast and can't really be fucked with to be honest. He's on top of his game and very, very few MCs of his caliber exist in hip hop right now. And Meth must realize that to some extent. I don't really wanna see those two battle at all anyway. It would be boring, and there's just too much phony beef in hip hop to make me care anymore about who has problems with who.

But, Meth didn't care enough to respond and it could've blown over, but Rebel INS I guess saw it as an excuse to diss someone that people are talking about these days and took the opportunity to try to get recognized. The problem is no one dissed Deck, and making a diss record when Mth himself didn't spit a verse in Budden's direction looks dumb. Plus, plain and simple the song sucks. It's weak and unoriginal (did he really say "you can't see me with binoculars"? - never heard that before). Deck didn't bring his A-Game so now he looks stupid. He better hope that Budden doesn't decide to make a song in his direction because even with the whole Wu getting at him, Slaughterhouse is pretty strong right now. Although, it may end up looking even worse for the Inspektah if Joey doesn't see it as a track worth responding to.

Bottom line, I wish Joe Budden would shut the hell up and stop dissing people randomly...and INS should get in the booth and create a new great album all by himself. I'm fairly sure he has the skill, and myself and the rest of the Wu fans would appreciate it. There's been too many half-assed Wu member albums over the years.

Note: To be fair, Chamber Music is good despite all of the pointless blather from RZA. "Harbor Masters" is one of the strongest Wu joints in recent memory, and Deck definitely shines on it. Blackout 2 is slowly growing on me, although it is by far neither MC's strongest work. And, I haven't listen to U-God's Dopium yet.

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