Monday, February 1, 2010


It's not really worth complaining about the Grammy Awards. It might as well just be the Billboard Awards - if you didn't sell a million albums (or whatever today's equivalent to a million is) you won't get noticed.

I usually prefer to tune out altogether, but since the wife likes to watch the performances, I ended up seeing most of it last night. I didn't see any Hip Hop categories televised. What a surprise!! There was one Hip Hop performance which the network edited the shit out of - not just words either. Entire portions of the performance, sometimes a full five or so seconds long were silent as we watched. What a waste.

This morning, I read about some of the Hip Hop and R&B awards that were given. Eminem won 'Best Hip Hop/Rap Album' for Relapse. It seems all he had to do was release something, anything. The album was good in my opinion. You will see it on my 'Best of 2009' list a few posts back. So, I don't have a problem with it being nominated. But it was nowhere near the best. Both Mos Def and Q-Tip were among the other nominees. I named Q-Tip's The Renaissance as my favorite album of 2008 - What the hell are the parameters for being nominated anyway? Why wasn't this included in the awards at the beginning of 2009? Mos Def's The Ecstatic was one of my favorites of 2009, and I would definitely rank it higher than Relapse. I doubt they even listened to the albums before giving it to Eminem. Bottom line, fuck this popularity contest they pass off as a legitimate award show.

Willie D said it best, so here's a Geto Boys classic to enjoy.

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