Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Away Team

The Away Team are the latest signees to Duck Down Records' ever-expanding roster since their comeback to the top of the underground got some real traction a few years ago thanks to a few veterans of the label. Sean Price emerged as the dopest MC out of the BCC and has proven his talent with project after project of quality material. Buckshot teamed up with 9th Wonder to help bring back the days where one MC and one producer could make an entire, cohesive album together.

Duck Down used the momentum wisely to scoop up a bunch of talented free agents to make the label back into the powerhouse it once was. In fact, they are probably even much stronger now than they were back in the mid-90s when they originally made a name for themselves. Their roster today is ridiculous. Coming out of the same NC camp as 9th Wonder, The Justus League, is The Away Team. I guess the JL don't have themselves a Dru Ha to make them into their own label. The group is made up of MC Sean Boog and producer Khrysis, a beatsmith many have said is more talented than the much better known 9th Wonder. The group's previous work has been solid, but with this new deal they say their best material is ahead. And, with a title like Scars & Stripes, it's hard to doubt them.

If Duck Down's recent track record is any indication, I'd say this is an album to look out for in early 2011. I'm not sure how JL and DD got together in the first place, but I'm glad they did. The merging of talent from different regions for this label has been good for music so far.

So, pick up the Independence Day Mixtape by The Away Team online if you haven't yet to see what they have to offer. And, I'm gonna go pull out some old O.G.C. and enjoy my weekend.
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