Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chali 2na - Step Your Game Up

New video from Chali 2na off his most recent album Fish Market 2. I'ma have to pull this one out again. 2na was always the most loved out of Jurassic 5, mostly b/c of his distinctive voice. But, the group as a whole really was phenomenal. They complimented each other so well, and that old school rhyme style of actually rhyming together really stood out among pretty much all the rest of today where everyone has a separate verse on a track. I saw them at a free show on UC's campus a few years ago, after the Power in Numbers album had been played in my car for at least three months straight. It was definitely one of the best Hip Hop shows I've ever been to. Their style really comes to life in a new way at a live show, that cannot be replicated adequately on a recording.

We need another J5 album, like yesterday. What the hell are the other members doing anyway? I see some mixes from the DJs once in a while, but the MCs seem to have vanished. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. If anyone has any info on them, pass it my way. I'd like to hear it. But, again, these are MCs that need to feed off each other - Chali 2na included - for them to really shine.

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