Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hasan Salaam - Music Is My Weapon EP

After the greatness that was the Mohammad Dangerfield project earlier this year (read about it HERE), I think it's safe to say that my ears are open to anything Hasan Salaam &/or Rugged N Raw are a part of. This especially goes to a philanthropic project aimed at helping the world through music

Salaam recently put out an EP titled Music Is My Weapon which you can purchase on his website Though the title is much more than a metaphor in this case. Instead of explaining the project here, click the video below and hear it from Salaam himself.

Overall, I like the EP.  It's 9 tracks deep, and most are pretty good. My favorite would probably have to be "Shining" which features Salaam alongside Steele (of Smif 'N' Wessun), Reef The Lost Cause, and Chace Infinite (the lyrical half of Self Scientific). My least favorite may have to be a track most others seem to like, "AK-47", if for nothing else than its all-too-familiar subject matter. The personification of a gun is about as original in Hip Hop as the personification of Hip Hop itself (as a female), and I'm fucking tired of it.

Listen to a preview on his website or YouTube and support his cause for under $10. Also, since 100% of proceeds from this album go to the village in Africa, consider picking up the MoDanger album as well, and put some well-deserved money in Salaam's pocket. Good Hip Hop needs to be supported.

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