Friday, January 6, 2012

Apollo Brown & OC Announce Trophies

I've been a fan of OC for a long time. Probably 15+ years. He's one of my favorite MCs and someone I always bring up when discussing the most slept-on in Hip Hop. He's definitely slept-on, though among serious heads he's considered a legend. Apollo Brown hasn't been on my radar for too long, maybe a year or two, but his production is amazing - refreshing, original, and a mix of sounds and genres that's purely Hip Hop in the end. Doesn't that sound funny?

Apollo Brown and D.C. producer Oddisee are two of my favorite beatsmiths right now. You can find both on my Best of 2011 list (scroll down). Brown shows up in the "top 25 albums" section for his collaboration with Hassaan Mackey, Daily Bread; and in the "songs" section for a track with Oddisee rapping called "The Times". OC shows up on the DJ JS-1 album with a song dedicated to DJ Roc Raida.

Today it was announced that Apollo Brown and OC have completed a joint album together entitled "Trophies", which is sure to make my top albums of 2012 by year's end. Needless to say, I'm excited. The release date is March 27, 2012.

Below an instrumental from Brown's Clouds project, which later became "The Times" after Oddisee recorded vocals, and the OC/JS-1 song I mentioned earlier called "Life" which I happened to be listening to this morning before reading this news.

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