Friday, January 6, 2012

The Jean Grae Experience

Here is something I've been wanting to post up here for a while. As you can tell from all of the posts about her music, I'm a big fan of Jean Grae. And, I'm not the only one. Jean has a LOT of fans, each one more passionate than the last. And, it's a good thing to see because her music is sooo dope. It sucks to have mainstream nobodies hogging all of the attention because of dollars rather than skill.

I love talking Hip Hop with people on Twitter. You never know when you'll come across someone who appreciates the art the way you do. Aisha Behar is someone I've conversed with a lot, and when I saw some of the photos she took at Hip Hop shows, I knew I had to share them with my circle as well. So, she sent a few my way. Below is a short write up about what it was like for her to be in the audience for a Jean Grae show (a treat I have yet to experience), and some photos she took while there enjoying herself. If you like what you see, you can follow her on Twitter @EeeshISDope. Enjoy.

I mean I really don’t even know where to start. A Jean Grae show is unlike any other show I’ve ever been to. I had the pleasure to catch Jean Grae a few months ago in L.A. at the Airliner when she was touring promoting her ‘Cookies or Comas’ EP. What I liked most was that she makes everyone feel as if we are all friends. In a packed venue, it was still a very intimate show. She even makes sure no one takes pictures during the performance, so that you can actually enjoy the show. 

The majority of the songs were from ‘Cookies or Comas’, but some of the songs were songs I had never heard, off the upcoming LP ‘Cake or Death’. With any other performer I probably would’ve been a little turned off; due to wanting to hear songs that I knew so I could sing along. However, with Jean songs it only makes me even more impatient to listen to ‘Cake or Death’. Shout out to Mr. Len her DJ he is amazing as well. 

She’s a witty, sarcastic, classy, intellectual, asshole. Who brings with a vodka filled water gun on stage, performed the entire time with a cigarette behind her ear, taught us how to two-step, and actually spent time with fans after the show. What more could you possibly ask for? The Jean Grae Experience is awesome! Enjoy the pictures I captured from this amazing show.

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