Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Foreign Exchange On Their Grammy Nomination

First off, fuck a Grammy. All you hip hop heads know why I say that. But, having said that (side note: anyone see Curb Your Enthusiasm this season to know why this is humorous?) this is a major accomplishment for Phonte and Nicolay, and for hip hop/eclectic music as a whole. I have no idea how this nomination happened, as usually the Grammy Award and even the nomination is given to the most popular artists, not the best artist in any given category - hip hop especially.

"Daykeeper" is a great song, and the vocal layers on it really stood out for me when I listened to the album Leave It All Behind. It's actually probably my favorite track on the album, so I'm happy that it was the one to get the Grammy nod. Let's hope they win. See the description and then the video below for a pre-acceptance speech, of sorts.

“We have prepared a short video (with the help of our frequent collaborator Matt Koza), that describes the FE story and gives an overview of our journey from random obscurity to fully independent Grammy nominated artists. Consider this our pre-Grammy acceptance speech…lol. We encourage all of you to pass this along and spread the word, as we feel our story is a big inspiration to artists everywhere. Every once in a blue moon, the good guys do win.”

The Foreign Exchange's Grammy nomination video from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

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