Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aight, New Drink

Wow!!! That's all I have to really say for this post. If you don't know about Tanya Morgan, run to your local, independently owned record store, and buy Brooklynati TODAY! In my humble opinion - a humble opinion that happens to be the right one, one that you should pay the most attention to - it's currently the best album of 2009. No one has shown me something better as of yet, and that includes the leak of BP3 (which is dope in its own way too, by the way...maybe more on that later).

But, Tanya Morgan's own Donwill (as Don Cusack, an homage to actor John Cusack, inspired by the movie 'High Fidelity' in this case) together with a guy named Rob Viktum (whom I haven't heard of 'til now) have recently released an EP entitled "Aight, New Drink" - you should know what this title is a reference to. If not, wake the fuck up and dig back in the CD collection that you should have for a certain 2Pac album that was kinda popular. This is a couple of weeks old, but I just got around to giving it a listen now...and, I'm about to put it on repeat. I'm loving the vibe these guys bring. Check it out at the link below, and if that doesn't work do a search. I am almost positive that this one is free, as the site I got it from does not usually post mixtapes, EP's, etc. that are not meant to be free.

And to Tanya Morgan, you have my word that once I get this job situation figured out, Brooklynati will be the first album I cop. It is absolutely worth spending the money...and not just because 2/3 of you are from Cincinnati, Ohio.


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