Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hilarious Quote For The Day

I can't resist posting this. It had me chuckling pretty hard for 5-10 minutes, so I feel I have to share a gem like this. I came across this interview with The Clipse in XXL the other day where they speak a little about their new album, Till The Casket Drops. Personally, I think they are more talented than their work lets on. But, here is what Malice had to say about The Neptunes produced track "Back by Popular Demand" featuring Cam'ron:

"That song was made with the intentions of having a New York hip-hop record with a credible New York hip-hop artist. It just so happened that Cam and us were both coming back at the same time. We were both heavy on the blogs, and it just made a perfect match."


Maybe they'll decide to team up with N.O.R.E. next time for another heater. LMAO.

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