Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Freeway Update

About two weeks ago I posted a video promoting Freeway's new mixtape The Beat Made Me Do It. I hadn't had a chance to listen to it yet. Yesterday I heard from a friend that said I shouldn't have wasted the space on Freeway. Free's the kinda MC that you either feel or you really really don't. His unorthodox flow and gruff but higher-pitched voice are not for everyone. However, in my opinion, his two studio albums are better than any of the albums that Beanie Sigel - by all accounts the better MC - has put out.

I definitely like his beat choice for the most part, and I like his unique flow. No one spits like Freeway. He doesn't stick to the typical rhyme scheme. His is very unusual. He kinda rhymes words together when he wants to - doing things like saving the last line in one bar for rhyming somewhere in his next few lines rather than in the current one. The rhymes come though eventually. I don't and can't listen to it non-stop, but I like it. Some people don't. The criticism that was given me was just for not liking Freeway in the first place not the quality of this specific mixtape. Which brings me to my point.

The Beat Made Me Do It is not a good mixtape, or a good representation of what Freeway can do musically. Not at all. I had the chance to listen on Sunday on my way to watch football. I was very disappointed. While people that don't like Freeway would say I'm dumb for having higher expectations in the first place, I stand by the statement that he has been putting out a lot of quality music lately. This mixtape is not an example of that though. A lot of dumb songs with weak rhymes and annoying beats. There were a couple in the begining that I liked - it got off to a decent enough start - but, it kept going downhill, and by the end was at rock bottom. If looking for some better stuff from Freeway I'd check out The Calm Before The Storm mixtape. I think Freeway will be able to redeem himself early next year with the album he's doing with Jake One called The Stimulus Package on Rhymesayers. Let's hope so.

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