Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rakim Interview

Here's a pretty interesting interview with Rakim talking about a lot of things. Who out there is excited about The 7th Seal?

I really don't care about his new label venture personally. My pessimistic attitude based on past MCs doing this (virtually all of them who've attained any kind of success) leads me to believe it will only lead to more mediocre music (at best) being released when all anyone really wants to hear is the label owner spit verses. But, who knows? Maybe he'll prove me wrong in the future. Maybe I'll also be proved wrong about this album being way too overhyped to ever live up to what people are hoping for. We shall see very soon. Despite my doubts, I'm hoping for the best. A great new album by The R would make my year (and everyone else's I'm sure).

Also, look below for the tracklist to the upcoming album, The 7th Seal. He's keeping some stuff secret, but this is what I could gather as far as producers and guest verses. What do you think?

1. How To Emcee (Prod. DJ Slyce)
2. Walk These Streets F. Maino (Prod. Needlz)
3. Documentary Of A Gangsta
4. Man Above (Prod. Nick Wiz)
5. You And I
6. Won’t Be Long (Prod. Jake One)
7. Holy Are U (Prod. Nick Wiz)
8. Satisfaction Guaranteed
9. Working For You (Prod. Jake One)
10. Message In The Song
11. Put It All To Music (Prod. Poppa Pillz)
12. Psychic Love (Prod. Nick Wiz)
13. Still In Love F. Busta Rhymes
14. Dedicated (Prod. Nick Wiz)

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