Thursday, July 29, 2010

Skyzoo & Illmind - "Frisbees" Video

Here goes the first video from Skyzoo & Illmind's collab album on Duckdown Records, Live From The Tape Deck. Definitely creative and has me ready for the album to drop. They make a good duo, and Sky is a goddamn animal on the mic.

I like his stuff more and more the more I listen because there is a lot to dissect in his rhymes. He's crazy lyrical without relying on punchlines. Meaning you have to really pay attention to what he's saying and the way he's putting words together because it doesn't just come together for you at the end of each bar. I definitely need to pay attention when I'm listening to Skyzoo spit, and listen again and again to digest it all. I actually still have Salvation in my iPod.

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