Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 5 Jay-Z Albums

A friend obsessed with list making sent me an email this morning that read:

"Top five jay z albums, in order. Go."

So, this is what I came up with on the spot. I'm pretty confident in this. Anyone have anything different? List your top 5 in the comments.


  1. My preference is

    Reasonable Doubt
    Black Album
    Blueprint 2

    AG ain't no where near bein on there!

  2. Thanks RC for sharing your top 5.

    You're crazy for not thinking A.G. has a place on the list. I can see not picking it, but nowhere near?? I'd listen again if I were you. That album is near flawless. It has a great concept, and it's executed in a way that it can stand alone from the movie.

    BP2 has some of his best work, no doubt. But, the double disc was a mistake. There's plenty of filler on there. Maybe 2.1 could be on there, but I'm not sure what made it to that disc and what got left off - it should have been a single disc initially. I was pissed he put it out and expected people to purchase it in the first place.

    Vol. 2 is great, but I'm partial to 1. And, nothing he puts out will ever top Reasonable Doubt in my mind.

    Thanks for the comment.