Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre-Order Atmosphere's The Family Sign

Atmosphere's new album, The Family Sign is available for pre-order now through March 6th w/ a special 10% discount - have you ordered your copy yet? It comes autographed and contains a bonus mix.

I don't have a crazy amount of money right now, and my funds are spread pretty thin. But, Atmosphere is a group I try to support when they drop something new - especially since they are so good to their fans by offering up quality, free music every year. I actually bought their last album twice because I left my CD case on the roof of my car and drove off w/ that disc in it a week or so after it came out! I can't fucking wait to hear this new album.

If you're interested in the deal going on right now, head to I'm not a spokesman, just a client. Support dope Hip Hop. That is all.

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