Friday, July 15, 2011

Lil' Wayne Fans Hate Lil' B

So, the self-proclaimed, and young people-that-don't-know-any-better believed best rapper alive Lil' Wayne put out a new mixtape the other day called Sorry 4 The Wait. No need to apologize to me, sir. Trust me. I've been fine. The tape features a track with the latest both loved and hated rapper, Lil' B.

Excuse my cynicism, but I find this hilarious. Really? Do they not get it? Is it over the heads of Wayne fans that his non-fans deplore him showing up on any of the projects they are excited to hear, and ruin them with his irritating voice, corny punchlines, and often not-so-witty wordplay?

In fact, to me this is the Hip Hop equivalent of Keanu Reeves finally being in a movie with an actor who's as bad or worse than he is, and Reeves fans getting pissed off that they had to watch this other horrible actor on screen.

I'll prove my point quickly with a guest verse Lil' Wayne recorded for a song called "Breakin' My Heart" by the now extinct extremely dope Hip Hop duo/trio Little Brother.

Word up, I say I don't have nothin If I don't have you
Like Sade, you got the Sweetest Taboo
And my game is skin deep like the first tattoo
I gets all in your head just like shampoo
I just wanna fuck with you like rude polices
I don't want a broken heart because I lose the pieces
Hey! Girl don't play with my gangsta
And have the boy blue like the Texas Ranger
And I know cheaters never get crowned
So I play fair like roller coasters and clowns
Yeah! You gotta hold your soldier down
Even when the war is lookin like, it is right around the corner
And you don't wanna leave me believe me
Cause I can turn you on like, a personal TV
It's Young Weezy, I know what you thought
But I'm just here to play my part so, don't go breakin my heart

I think my point is proven for me with this verse. Shut up Wayne fans. They both suck.
Now you get a taste of what the rest of us go through. And, that's nice.

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