Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video of Talib Kweli Live in Cincinnati

Just logged in to add that +1 button and thought I'd throw up these video clips from the Talib Kweli concert on Fountain Square last night in Cincinnati. There will be more pics and stuff posted soon. I was right next to the stage thanks to a friend.

Be prepared, the audio is bad. Most unofficial camera phone concert footage is. I plan to get my hands on some better quality video in the near future though. This here will do if you already know the verses well enough to appreciate.

The first clip has Kweli getting introduced by some chick that's on a reality show based in Cincinnati. Don't know her name or anything about her. I think the show is called Queen City. Ands, I'm pretty sure people were booing her.

Second clip has DJ Hi-Tek giving Cincinnatians what they want and helping Kweli out, as he did for most of the show.

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