Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brazil Nuts!!

Below is a clip of Brother Ali's DJ, BK-One, quickly explaining how he got to where he is presently, then delving into the thought process behind his debut album with producer Benzilla, Radio do Canibal, and how the concept became the album. After checking out the clip, and viewing the guest list at the end, I'd think it would be impossible to sleep on this album. So, I'm not even gonna try to convince you. This is a dope debut though. A very well inspired album with a fresh musical sound for hip hop and some of today's greatest MCs. I can't wait to see him in Columbus, OH this November with Ali, Toki Wright, and Evidence for the FRESH AIR TOUR. With BK handling all four sets plus his own, it should be something to see.

Oh, and here's an extra preview:

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