Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MC Esoteric - Saving Seamus Ryan

I'm digging the concept of this album. It works throughout, and the vocal samples that were used as characters in the story were clever; Guru, random Harrison Ford lines, and a track delivering the main character rejection after rejection from hip hop's best.

In a year without a concept/story album release by Masta Ace (though I haven't heard the A&E collaboration with Ed O.G. yet to know the form that that album takes) it's nice to have something like this from another MC.

And Esoteric does a great job putting it all together as Seamus plans a proposal, is robbed, and goes on a mission to get revenge while simultaneously trying to make a living off of his music. A lot of creativity here - not the least of which is the exploration of the joy experienced with man's best friend on the story's anchors.

On a side note, speaking of Masta Ace, he fittingly makes a real appearance on Saving Seamus Ryan.

Definitely give this one a listen if you like albums with a plot to them. It's one of my favorites this year.

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