Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joe Budden On Jay-Z and "Pump It Up"

In this clip, Joe Budden explains the story behind him getting this beat from Just Blaze, the "Pump It Up Remix" that never was, Jay-Z's beat jack, and him feeling he had to take it back. This is very interesting (and not the first time I've heard about Jay being a dick to other MCs; i.e. his now-artist Jadakiss). I've never heard any kind of story behind this before now. I just remember when Jay dismantled the beat for the S. Carter collection mixtape (one of my favorite Jigga verses ever) and then Joey taking it back and bodying it again a short time later - and using NBA references the way Jay did too at one point. Shit was nuts!!! I thought it was all in fun. I guess, not really. So, check out this explanation by Budden, and see below that for the original "Pump It Up" song, and the two subsequent verses from Jay and Joey.

"Pump It Up" original video. Sorry, embedding was disabled on this one, so here's the link.

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