Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...Recommends Urban Legend Mixtape

These past few weeks I've stayed busy listening to a bunch of new stuff. BK-One (posted below), Royce's Street Hop (not very impressed after first listen - aside from the songs I already heard a while back and a track called "Murder" which is killer (Ha!)), Saigon's Warning Shots 2 (even less impressed - what happened to him?) plus a few more. I also found time for a few Roc Raida tributes, most notably DJ Premier's - which you can d/l for free on his website.

I did come across a nice collection of Cormega memorables too, which I was happy to find. He's been one of my favorite MCs for a long time (The True Meaning is one of my favorite hip hop albums). I have all the tracks already, but it's always good to have someone put them together for you. A lot of these tracks are his collaborations with other MCs, so it's not just like a 'Best Of' or anything. Anyway, a link is below. His new album Born & Raised should be out in the next couple of weeks, so I'm sure a review will be coming for that soon on here. Enjoy!

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