Thursday, August 19, 2010

25 Favorite Hip Hop Songs

I was putting together a list of 25 of something else Hip Hop related for a friend the other day, and just decided to think for a little while about what 25 of my favorite Hip Hop songs were.

This isn't an exhaustive list - obviously there are countless great songs that strike a special chord inside me. This isn't my TOP 25 either, just 25 of my favorites in no particular order. Songs that come to mind without too much thought. Songs I grew up listening to. Songs that have countless replay value for me. Songs I would sit in the car in the driveway and listen to if they came on. If I kept thinking I could come up with 25 more in no time.

Take a look at the list. Comment. List some of your own favorites.

1. Big Daddy Kane – "Ain’t No Half Steppin’" (probably my favorite Hip Hop song of all time)
2. A Tribe Called Quest –
"Check The Rhime"
3. Jay-Z –
"Feelin’ It"
4. Heavy D. w/ many others– "Don’t Curse" (My favorite posse cut)
5. Pete Rock & CL Smooth –
6. Run DMC –
"Rock Box"
7. De La Soul – "Eye Know"
8. DJ Quik – "Tonite"
9. Nas – "Halftime"
10. Gangstarr –
"You Know My Steez"
11. Scarface –
"I Seen a Man Die"
12. 2Pac –
13. Naughty By Nature –
"Uptown Anthem"
14. Biggie –
"I Got a Story To Tell"
15. BDP –
"Love’s Gonna Getcha"
16. Souls of Mischief –
"93’ Til’ Infinity"
17. EPMD –
"Get the Bozack"
18. Organized Konfusion – "Fudge Pudge"
19. The Roots –
"What They Do"
20. Kool Moe Dee –
"I Go To Work"
21. Raekwon –
"Incarcerated Scarfaces"
22. Atmosphere –
23. Talib Kweli – "Get By"
24. Black Star w/ Common – "Respiration"

25. Goodie Mob – "Cell Therapy"

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