Friday, August 13, 2010

Atmosphere - "To All My Friends"

Here is a brand new song from Atmosphere released as a set up to their upcoming tour, All My Friends. I don't have a d/l link because they requested they not be posted. So, if you like it go to iTunes and purchase here. Not a big deal if you are a fan of Atmosphere because you know just how much free music they have put out over the years.

I, myself, am gonna try to dig up an iTunes gift card I think I have lying around here somewhere and get it tomorrow morning. Plus, the tour is stopping pretty close by Cincinnati, so if at all possible (time and finances being the major obstacles), I'm gonna try to check them out live for the second time.

Don't forget to support the artists that deserve it.


  1. Can you upload it once you purchased it? thanks

  2. Sorry, no can do. Since they specifically asked this not to be uploaded.

    But, Atmposphere did release a double EP this week (isn't that an LP?) for their tour called "To All My Friends - Blood Makes The Blade Holy" and this track appears at the end. It can be found online.