Thursday, August 19, 2010

True Hip Hop Stories: BDK

Here is another video from D-Nice's 'True Hip Hop Stories' series. This time Big Daddy Kane sits backstage and discusses the making of his classic "Ain't No Half Steppin'". It's an interesting story about the way the beat was layered and everything.

If pressed to give an answer, I think I would have to say this song is my favorite Hip Hop song of all time. When I was a kid (I'm talking a little, little kid) Long Live The Kane was one of the first tapes I ever bought. I listened to that whole album start to finish probably 500 times or more, literally. And "Ain't No Half Steppin'" was the first song on the B-Side, so it was easy to rewind and start over again and again. And, I did...again and again.

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