Monday, August 16, 2010

Tanya Morgan - "So Damn Down" Video

Yeah, I know this video has been up on YouTube for over a year now, but I just saw it!! Until recently, I haven't really taken the time to watch music videos. But, a lot of artists are starting to get creative with them again - as evidenced by some of the ones I've posted over the last few months. And since they are usually just posted online, artists don't have to worry about appealing to BET/MTV audiences with the same old bullshit.

In this video from last year's best hip hop album, Tanya Morgan use the Mouthoff! app for the iPhone, and strap the phones over their mouth while they rap. I liked it, so why not share?

Speaking of Tanya Morgan, they've been busy this year. Donwill and Von Pea each have new solo material out, and they all seem to be showing up on other projects left and right.

Try to keep up!!

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