Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PackFM - How To Make A "Rage Edition" Video

You really gotta admire the hustle of some of these independent artists. Not only are they themselves (PackFM, QN5) putting in a lot of hard work for each order, but it's good marketing to bring in new listeners.

All of the extra swag (meaning, stuff, not style) put into the "Rage Edition" of I F*cking Hate Rappers provides an added value to the buyer, but it also turns each of these fans into a marketing machine - Pack's own, personal, traveling street team that doesn't require a paycheck. They put up the poster in their dorm room, rock the buttons on their clothes/backpacks, and put the stickers on their cars, or wherever else. Trust that a lot more people are going to see these items than the fan that purchased the "Rage Edition".

To order the album, click here. You'll like it.

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