Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kweli On Kanye Video

This morning after leaving what I think was, for my part, a pretty great job interview, I loosened up my tie, got in my car, plugged up the iPod, and cranked up Kanye's "Power" loud as fuck as I peeled out of the parking garage and past the police station across the street. I'm feeling unstoppable right now. Ha!!

Anyway, speaking of Kanye West, below is some footage of Talib Kweli talking about dude's genius, and how he took him on the road to open for him when everyone wanted Kanye beats, but were unwilling to listen to him rap. One thing you gotta say for Kanye is that his belief in himself has allowed him to accomplish great things.

The new album (whatever it's gonna be called now) should be out fairly soon, and below is a link to his brand new track "See Me Now" (recorded two days ago) produced by him, No I.D. and Lex Luger, and featuring Beyonce and first name Charlie, last name Wilson.

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  1. I was just looking back through some older posts and realized I got the job I was talking about in this one. Turned out to be shitty, and I'm somewhere much better suited to me now. Met a lot of great people there though. That is all.